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10 top tips to effective speed-networking

10 top tips to effective speed-networking

| by Carole Black, Best Business Events | Posted in Events, Business

Speed-networking is fun, energetic and dynamic and a very effective way of meeting a lot of new business contacts in a short space of time

How it works is simple – two business people each have 90 seconds to tell the other about their business and what they can offer them. 

You are seated opposite each other and when time is up one of them moves on.

1. Be natural don’t sound as if you are following a script, know what you’ll say about yourself and your business. Keep it short.

‘Hi my name is …., I do this type of work at this type of company and we service these type of customers’

2. Try to go second, then you can tailor your pitch based on what you have heard. They will be more focused on listening to you and not what they are about to say.  Know what to ask about their business

3. Exchange cards at the beginning of the session

4. Either have a brief leaflet on what you do or lots of business cards

5. Have a pen and write down notes on the back of their card to make it easy for you to follow up afterwards

6. Lean slightly forward when listening to show you are interested and focused on what they are saying

7. Remember their name and use it for the biggest impact

8. Practice does make perfect so the more sessions you attend the better you will become

9. Say thank you to them and mean it

10. Follow up all contacts you have met


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