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4 ways your business can profit from winning an award

4 ways your business can profit from winning an award

| by Editor | Posted in Awards

Have you taken on any new employees?

Have you a great MD or Chief Executive and believe your company is a great place to work?

If the answer is YES then It may be time to apply for an award.

Entering and winning awards should we a priority for successful businesses

Some businesses shy away from the idea of entering an award as they think it is too self- promotional and worry the entry will take up too much of their time

But the benefits of entering and winning are huge and outweigh any reasons not to

Many companies shy away from the idea of entering into award competitions because they think it’s too self-promotional and they worry the entry might be too time-consuming. The benefits of entering and winning an award largely outweigh any reasons not to.

Entering and subsequently winning awards makes your company shine and sets it apart from your competition. Here are four advantages to winning company awards.

  • Raise the status of your business
    Awards can raise the credibility of your company, its brand and products. An award also increases visibility for your company.   
  • Educate and attract
    Awards can draw new customers and new employees to your business.
  • Improves employee morale
    Employees are excited to share the news of an award with others. Awards can also build motivation within your team.
  • Increases customer loyalty
    Knowing that you are skilled and recognised for your work, team, product or service encourages customer loyalty and drives sales

For details of Business Awards in Ashford, Canterbury and Maidstone please visit or ring 01732 758530

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