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24 Deadly sins of exhibiting

24 Deadly sins of exhibiting

| Posted in CONFERENCE

24 Deadly sins of exhibiting

Planning is key
One of the biggest reasons that businesses are unsuccessful at exhibitions is that they haven’t promoted and marketed their presence Not planning or promoting is fatal to your success.

Use signature blocks on your emails, develop a social media campaign to highlight your presence, and personally invite clients & suppliers to meet with you.

Not reading the exhibitor information
Ensure you read through the information that we send you. Don’t just assume everything will be provided.

Not thinking about your objectives
How do you know if your exhibition stand has been a success or not and made a return on your investment without some pre – exhibition planning beforehand? What are your reasons for exhibiting? How many leads are you looking to achieve?

Having few staff
It is important to have plenty of staff to cover breaks and make sure that people are always seen to as soon as possible.

Having too many staff
On the other hand, you don’t want your stand to be over filled with too many staff wanting potential customer’s attention.

No training
Not training your staff to run your stand behind-the-scenes could be detrimental to your conversion rate.

Being shy
Choose confident friendly staff who are more than happy talking to strangers and are comfortable ‘interrupting’ people passing in a cheerful, friendly manner. These staff are representing your business so excellent people skills are essential to make sure a lasting impression.

Not listening
Make sure you really listen to any potential customers, to answer as best you can any questions and engage in conversation with them.

Give people a reason to come to your stand Think carefully about your stand design and graphics. Always assume that people have no prior knowledge of your business.

Your exhibition stand doesn’t clearly communicate your business
Think carefully about your stand design and graphics. Always assume that people have no prior knowledge of your business.  Ensure your graphics clearly illustrate your offering.

Not trying or giving enough thought to your presence
Make your stand exciting and stand out! Think about what you could bring on the day to entice potential customers over to your stand, and maybe consider a competition you could run or something equally interesting!

Acting disinterested
No matter how long your day has been, always try to keep up a friendly smiley face and make eye-contact with potential customers. Make sure staff are standing on their feet in an approachable manner and engage with as many people as possible…

Compel your audience to visit your stand Work on ways to compel your audience to visit your stand, it will dramatically increase your capture rate on the day.

You can’t remain at the edge of your stand. Get out and about, listen to the speakers, go to a workshop, engage with people at the café, when you are getting lunch, visit other stands and see how they are getting on – it’s not just on the stand that you can make contacts, be open and easy to approach.

Staff who know nothing about your product or company
Your staff need to be confident and be able to deal with any enquiries in a professional manner.

Not perfecting your elevator pitch
You will need to explain your business and its products/services countless times during the exhibition, so make sure you and your staff can explain this effectively.

Exhibitors taking the time of other exhibitors Respect that exhibitors are there to get business, not to be used to socialise with industry colleagues and suppliers.

Not having information to take away
A lot of people will not want to be overloaded with bits of paper, but you should have some simple/ detailed information that people can take home with them if they wish!

Being cagey about pricing
Be prepared to answer any questions about price and be upfront! Even if you offer a bespoke service, be sure you can offer them a rough idea on price.

Taking forever to record leads
Contact customers that have left their details as soon as possible. Don’t leave them hanging around!


If you are going to send customers information, make it useful and exciting! Don’t end up sending the same content time and time again. Create interesting, innovative content that people will enjoy reading.

Uninspiring tweets
Telling people during the exhibition to come to your stand, doesn’t necessarily mean they will unfortunately. Give your social media messages some thought! Upload pictures and videos to maximise engagement.

Badmouthing competitors
Be professional at all times - focus on selling your brand to potential customers!

Packing up early
Packing up early at an exhibition is prohibited. You should be making the most of every last minute at your stand, networking and meeting potential customers. Packing up isn’t just a potential health and safety issue but it reflects badly on your business.

And finally, something that is often forgotten...

Not following up leads post event
The final pitfall between you and gaining business from an exhibition is the way you approach leads after the event. Convert your hard work into strong sales and stop yourself from squandering the great work you did to capture new business prospects.

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